Network Vulnerability Scanner

About FibulaNET

The significance of information systems (IT) and operation systems (OT) continue to increase day by day and their usage becomes more indispensable for business needs. Security risks that are not identified and mitigated on time cause financial and reputational losses to organizations. Furthermore, for critical infrastructure such as energy, transportation, food sectors the negative effects of security incidents touch the human life, the environment and economy of countries. It is essential to detect and fix vulnerabilities in IT and OT environments.

Vulnerability assessment is a major requirement of regulations forced by authorities in various business sectors. As part of compliance to security standards and regulations, companies need to conduct vulnerability scans at certain intervals and follow the remediation actions. 

FibulaNET is an automated security vulnerability scanner which detects vulnerabilities in IT and OT services, gives guidance for remediation and provides end to end risk management capabilities. 


Provides a high performance vulnerability scanning engine and reduces scan duartion


Detects and reports vulnerabilities in all kinds of services that uses IP protocol, including ICS/SCADA systems


Provides a powerful vulnerability database and detects vulnerabilities accurately

Tested Components

Network Devices

Switch, Router, Access Point, Mobile Controller, etc.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Sun/Solaris, etc.

Commercial Systems and Applications

Storage Solutions, Email Servers, ERP Application, etc.

Security Systems

Firewall, Web Application Firewall, SSL VPN, etc.

Audio and Video Systems


Wired/Wireless Networks

IoT (Internet of Things) Devices

IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) Devices


Telecommunication Networks