Cyber Security Monitoring and Emergency Response

About FibulaPRO

Computer systems nowadays continue to increase in importance and become more critical to the business and economic welfare. Organizations are responsible for public good and welfare of their stakeholders. It causes to be unavoidable to have a good plan for “what to do and how to do, when things go wrong”. In this case, all kinds of organizations must have a program which defines and implements a process to adopt to promote their own welfare and security. This program should involve monitoring and detection of security events on computers and related networks as well as executing proper response to those security events.

Make Security Visible

The need for an integrated security solution which addresses the entire computer systems had not been put on the market yet. FibulaPRO cyber security event monitoring and emergency response solution was planned and developed in order to address this gap.

Action-based security insight capability by real-time analysis of any kind of network, server and end-point data including any kind of IoT and IIoT device data, their suspicious behaviour and transactions.

Without cyber security event monitoring and emergency response solution the business might have been infected and organizations do not know the substantial threats and their sources. Working hours is not enough for security business. FibulaPRO gives opportunity for 7/24 watchfullness and provides an expert response platform. 

Uses and Benefits

• 7/24 security monitoring and emergency response

• Log collection and integrity

• 2000+ predefined security event scenarios

• Fast searches on logs and security events

• Directly detection of security events after installation

• Vulnerability and cyber threat monitoring

• Malware, rootkit, botnet and 0-day threat detection

• Protection against escalating cyber attacks

• Detection of suspicious behaviours

• The big picture of business’s security events

• Detection of threats and breaches that would otherwise not have been detected

• Solutions to address detected security threats

• Appropriate responses targeted to specific risks identified

• Faster response to emergencies

• Prevention of business loss and enhanced profitability

• Security hardening and policy compliance

Basic Modules

Security Event Monitoring

Detects and monitors security events

Threat Detection

Detects threats that your systems are exposed to

Malware Detection

VirusTotal integration, hostIDS, rootkit and malware detection

Integrity Monitoring

Monitors changes in files, file properties and privileges

Inventory Management

Monitors applications, network configuration, processes and ports

User Activity Monitoring

Monitors user activity, commands and critical file access

Botnet Detection

Detects bots and zombie networks


Security Policy Monitoring

Monitors systems for compliance to security policies

Secure Configuration Management

Audits compliance for security baselines

Update and Patch Control

Checks systems against updates and patches

NoSQL Database

Provides high performance and low cost via NoSQL database

PCI DSS Compliance

Audits compliance for PCI DSS


Audits compliance for KVKK and GDPR

Zero-Day Threats

Provides zero-day threat prevention