About Us

We provide cyber security services and in-house developed security products to our customers.  Our goal is to become a world brand with our cyber security product family Fibula. We support our customers in increasing their security maturity level and enhancing the quality of business by reducing security risks. Our customers prefer our partnership due to the technical cyber security knowhow, vision and experience of our team. 

Security Product Development

We develop security products with our local resources and knowhow.  We aim to make our cyber security product family Fibula a world brand.  


We settle business partnerships based on long term relationship and reliability. The sources of our motivation are customer engagement and positive references. 

Technical Knowhow

Our team members are experienced in management of security processes and services in corporate companies. We are expert of information management systems and security precautions. We support our customers in identifying their security requirements and provide efficient solutions. 

Customer Satisfaction

We put customer satisfaction in the centre of our business and update our initiatives and methodologies based upon customer feedback. Our aim is to raise customer satisfaction via performance management and continous improvement.