Web Vulnerability Scanner

About FibulaWeb

Organizations use web based applications and services to conduct transactions, run critical business processes and provide services. However these applications are subject to a wide variety of security threats and can compromise security across the entire organization. Application security needs to become a top priority of an organization in order to prevent the negative effects to business, reputation and finance. In case of an application security incident the consequences will be impactful such as illegal access to confidential company information or customer data, damage to reputation, violation of regulations and disruption of business operations. Therefore organizations need to implement and maintain an effective application security program.

FibulaWeb is an automated and powerful dynamic application security testing solution which accurately detects security defects of web based applications, provides management till remediation and helps you to prevent loss and damage due to application security issues.

High Performance

Reduces scan durations by its high performance scan engine

Powerful Scanning Capabilities

Provides intelligent and powerful scanning capabilities to assess your entire web based and mobile application park

Extensive Coverage

Detects vulnerabilities in web-based applications and services developed in any kind of platform and with any kind of programming language

Tested Components

Web Applications

Mobile Applications

Web Services

RestAPI Services


Web Vulnerability Detection

Detects vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), Command Injection in all types of web based applications and services


Provides detailed guidance on detected vulnerabilities, enables easy remediation and end to end management

Accurate Detection

Provides application risk management and effective risk mitigation by identifying the existing defects accurately and ranking the risk level correctly

Time Saving Remediation

Prevents to waste time for handling misdetections and enables to concentrate on real security risks